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Philips LadyShave HP6341

Philips LadyShave HP6341

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Philips - Philips LadyShave HP6341

Quick Overview

Philips Ladyshave HP6341
Smooth and long-lasting results

Philips Ladyshave - Easy, Fast Shaving for Smooth and Long-Lasting Results

With this all-round Ladyshave you can shave your whole body quickly, easily and safely. The secret is the small shaving head that shaves your hair quickly while protecting your skin for a soft and smooth feeling after every use. The Philips HP6341 Ladyshave is a sleek and compact shaver, ideal for holidays. It helps you stay neat and tidy longer without any skin damage.

Hypo-Allergenic Foil
This Philips Ladyshave is equipped with hypo-allergenic foil to prevent irritation and rashes. This type of foil is ideal for sensitive skin and gives long-lasting results.

Legs and Bikini Line
Stretch the skin with your free hand to make the hair stand upright. The angle between the skin and the Ladyshave should be 90 degrees to get the best results. Move the Ladyshave slowly over the skin against the direction of hair growth while pressing it lightly.

When shaving the underarm area, place one arm behind your head to stretch the skin. Move the Ladyshave slowly over the skin. You can move the Ladyshave up and down or from the left to right, depending on which movement you find most pleasant.

Easy to Clean
The Philips HP6341 is very easy to clean. With the help of the cleaning brush you can get a clean shaving head every time you want to use the Ladyshave. Always remember to put the protection cap on your Ladyshave after use. The protection cap prevents the shaving foil and two trimmers from becoming damaged.

Can Be Used Wet or Dry
The Philips HP6341 gives you maximum flexibility of use - you can use it in and out of the shower as you prefer. When you take a bath, the hot water relaxes the skin and let the pores open, which makes the process of shaving easier for a close shave and better results.

On Wet Skin
You can use your Ladyshave on wet skin, e.g. while having a bath or shower. The best results are obtained if you lather your skin with soap or shaving cream before you start shaving.

On Dry Skin
If you prefer to use the Ladyshave dry, make sure that your skin is clean and completely dry.

Slim, Ergonomic Design
The slim and sleek ergonomic design of the Ladyshave's body fits comfortably in your hand for a good grip so you can move it comfortably around your legs, underarms or anywhere on your body to get great results all over without missing any patches.

Safe Shaving System
The Philips HP6341 Ladyshave protects your skin during shaving - you won't have to make any effort in order to remove unwanted hair from your body, just switch it on and glide it against your skin at a 90 degree angle.

Battery Operated
The Philips HP6341 Ladyshave is battery operated for maximum manoeuvrability and convenience either at home or while travelling.

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