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Glucerna SR Vanilla Meal Replacement - 400gm

Glucerna SR Vanilla Meal Replacement - 400gm

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Glucerna - Glucerna SR Vanilla Meal Replacement - 400gm

Quick Overview

Glucerna SR is complete and balanced nutrition for people with diabetes.It helps to optimize glucose control.

Product Salient Features:
It provides blend of all recommended macronutrients (Fats, Protein, Carbohydrates) and important micronutrients (Vitamins/Minerals) for diabetics.
Glucerna SR powder can be used as supplement or as a meal replacement in ambulatory diabetics.
Contains a slow release energy mechanism of Complex carbohydrates which helps achieve a better glucose control.
Ideally formulated complete, with a complete & balanced nutrition profile to build sound nutritional status to meet nutritional requirements of diabetics.
Glucerna SR provides high MUFA (Monounsaturated Fatty Acid) lipid system. It is low in cholesterol to maintain desirable lipid profile ideal for diabetic patients.
Contains myo- inositol, which helps delay long-term diabetic complications such as demage to the nerves, kidney anf eye.
Glucerna SR helps to meet nutritional goals in diabetes such as:

Control of blood glucose levels,
Sound nutritional support and
Helps prevent/ delay long-term diabetic complications.
Glucerna SR Powder Is lactose & Gluten free so there is no risk of lactose intolerance diarrhea and Gluten sensitivity disease.

Glucerna SR is recommended to used in all types of diabetic patients including: Type I diabites mellitus, Type II diabites mellitus, gestational diabites and Stress induce diabetes to optimize glucose control.

Glucerna SR is available in a 400 gram tin pack in Vanilla flavor
Rs. 1,690.00