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Audionic Blue Tune230 Bluetooth Speakers

Audionic Blue Tune230 Bluetooth Speakers

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Dany - Audionic Blue Tune230 Bluetooth Speakers

Quick Overview

Bluetooth Connectivity:
Built in Bluetooth technology enables BT-230 to connect/ pair with Smart phone, Tablet PC, Laptop and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Rechargeable Battery:
Built in rechargeable battery provides long battery backup so you can enjoy music for an hours.

BT-230 has built in Microphone with voice enhancing technology so you can make or receive Hands free Calls and conference calling wirelessly.

SD Card Support
BT-120 supports Micro SD Card to extend the memory.

With impressive design and handy look, this portable sound system BT-230 is easy to take with you wherever whenever you want.

Multi Functioned Buttons :
Short press last song + Long Press volume - / Short press Next Song + Long Press Vol + / Center button to play/pause and receive call.
Product available only in KHI
Rs. 1,747.00