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Utah Plus Granular Micronutrient 2kg

Utah Plus Granular Micronutrient 2kg

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Utah Plus Granular Micronutrient 2kg

Quick Overview

Utah Granular Micro-nutrient Plus Crop Supplement 2kg

Utah Plus® is a unique granular micro fertilizer that is suitable for most crops.

Balanced Nutrition for ALL Crops
Unique Formulation, i.e. C-SHIELD™
Immediate and extended availability of nutrients
Homogeneous granules
100% soluble in water
No heavy metal contamination
Suitable for all types of Soils
Can be mixed with other fertilizers as DAP, SSP, TSP, NP or Urea

Suitable for both blending fertilizer and direct application. Granular size and bulk density match to common fertilizer providing uniform distribution of plant nutrients. Utah Plus® is specifically synthesized for field crops and general crops for applying since early plant growth stage and for extended availability throughout the growing season. Elements protected by “C-SHIELD” in Utah Plus® will help root tip absorb nutrients easily and also will help nutrients not to be tighten to the soil particle.

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